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Meet Alex!

Alexandra Romualdez Broekman is a mother, educator, illustrator, entrepreneur, and writer. She grew up in the Philippines, and holds 2 degrees: one in Communication Arts, and the other in Early Childhood Education focused on Montessori pedagogy.


After 6 years as a Marketer with Google, she left to pursue her creative entrepreneurship dreams, as well as to focus on her family life.

You can email Alex at, or reach her on her socials below!

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Alex's Books

Parts of A Song (A Coming-of-Age Novel)

The Myths and Legends of the Philippines

The Fabulous Fiestas of the Philippines

Anya Aquatic

Loving Abby

The 123's of Families

I Am Loved, Minamahal Ako

At the Pond (A Slow Day of Wild Wonder)

Aya's House (An Ode to Noche Buena)

The Brave Little Corgi

A Very Special Summer


I love to hear from readers and other members of the publishing or writing community! Feel free to reach me at my email. 

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