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Kado Publishing is a small-scale, independent, woman-owned publisher specialising in books by Asian artists and writers. We are passionate about diversity and inclusion, education, children's rights, literacy, and the environment.

Why do we do what we do?


Why small batch?


Because it's better for the environment. Less waste is best! This does mean our margins are lower (aka: prices can be higher), but we believe that a journey to sustainability requires everyone to make small investments.

Why diversity and inclusion?


There is a significant lack of diverse narratives, stories, and even storytellers in traditional publishing. Lee & Low Books released a survey that showed: 76% of people working in the publishing industry are white (7% are Asian and Pacific Islander), 78% of publishing executives are white, 81% of sales go to books by white writers, and in children's books 41% of characters are white and only 8% are Asian.


We want to be a part of flipping this narrative. Asia is the most populated continent in the world. It is home to wonderful cultures, and rich histories. We want to provide a global platform for writers and artists from Asia to share their stories; and a place for children and families to find stories that proudly represent them.

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